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Jewelry To Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Are you looking for adorable new pieces to add to your jewelry collection this holiday? Look no further! Julie Baker Design has beautiful pieces that will add to all of your outfits. I absolutely love her jewelry; from a gorgeous pair of gold drop earrings to an eye-catching necklace, Julie Baker Design has it all. Each piece is delicately handcrafted and made with 18k plated gold and real gem stones. You are also able to customize any piece if you would like! If you are looking for a personalized piece created by Julie, you can also make an appointment with her on her website: Click Here!

Here are some of my faves!


1. Double Gold Chain Delicate Necklace

Price: $105

I absolutely love this necklace. Layered necklaces can elevate any outfit and you don't have too spend much time mixing and matching styles. It is so simple and beautiful!

2. Gold Multi Link Chain Necklace

Price: $275

This gold chain is to die for! Layered necklaces are all-the-rave this season and this would be the perfect necklace to add a bold statement to your adorable outfit. This piece would look great with a pair of gold hoops to go with it!

3. Blue Topaz Gold Dot Chain Necklace

Price: $140

I love this piece because it is so elegant! It has a beautiful blue topaz gem stone and a unique gold chain to go with it.

4. Delicate Everyday Simple Gemstone Necklace

Price: $85

I love these pieces because they can be worn without ever taking them off! They are so simple and you are able to choose whichever gemstone you would like. It would look amazing on its own as an everyday piece, and also if you layered it with more of her beautiful gold necklaces.

5. Pearl and Gold Dot Chain Necklace


Who doesn't love pearls?! This simple pearl and gold necklace is so gorgeous and unique. It can be worn going on a sunset walk on the beach, but also on a night out in the city!


1. Three Link Gold Everyday Earring

Price: $60

Who doesn't love a pair of simple gold earrings? I know I do! I love these earrings because they can be dressed up or dressed down and will pair so well with any outfit.

2. Pearl Double Dotted Gold Earring

Price: $85

These earrings are so lovely. I imagine them being worn at dinner with hair pulled back and a beautiful pearl necklace to match.

3. Blue Topaz Chandelier Drop Gold Earrings

Price: $165

I absolutely had to add a pair of jaw-dropping earrings onto my list of favorites. These earrings would be so perfect with a simple dress on a night out.


1. White and Blue Topaz Dot Bracelet

Price: $115

This bracelet is a must-have! I love the white topaz with the little hint of blue. It is so beautiful that it can be worn on its own or also with a few other simple gold bracelets.

2. Gold Dotted Link Cuff Bracelet

Price: $110

This bold bracelet would totally make a statement and I see it as a staple. It would look amazing paired with one of Julie's other styles with gemstones.

Now that you have seen my faves, you know that you need to go check out her website! Happy shopping and happy holidays gals! ♡♡♡

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