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5 Fall Must-Haves for College gals

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Happy fall! Fall is such a pivotal event in fashion; everyone tucks away their summer outfits and memories and welcomes all of their warm, cozy clothes to the front of my closet with new, exciting memories to come. I know that, at least for me and my college friends, 2020 has definitely changed what we have been wearing lately. Due to health orders and safety, we have definitely been snuggling up on our comfy couch in our sweats. Here are some adorable must-haves for lounging around the house, studying, going on a walk, or running errands.

Sweat Sets

I don't know about you, but I have been living in soft, comfy sweats. Missguided is known for their high quality hoodies, sweatpants, and tops. I have always loved Missguided's brand because they have great sweat sets for such a low price! I recently made an order with them; one item being an oversized hoodie that I can't seem to take off. The material is so comfortable and cozy; it has been a must-have for my many days of lounging around. The weather is going to start more chilly soon so these hoodie/sweat pant sets are perfect thing for your wardrobe.

Also, due to Boulder's occasional bipolar weather, I really never know if it will be sunny and hot or snowing within the upcoming week. These warmer sets would be great for places with warmer weather. Princess Polly always has adorable sets for good prices. I always advocate for Princess Polly because I am never disappointed when I order from them. It's fast and easy shipping and the clothing I order is always amazing quality. If you order the wrong size, returns are so quick and they're free.

Ashleigh Set - $73

Claudia Set - $60


I love beanies! They are so great to have on a cold, fall day. Beanies are everywhere, but I especially love the ones on Urban Outfitters because of their a prices, colors, and great quality. Colorful and/or patterned beanies are so cute and add the pop of color that a neutral outfit needs. I love wearing beanies when I am having a bad hair day and don't have enough time to style it.

Boys Lie - $15

Urban Outfitters - $15

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are so essential during this time due to classes being online. I have been spending most of my week days looking at a screen, and I'm sure you have too. I don't know about you, but oftentimes my eyes feel tired and I start to develop a migraine that won't seem to go away. Staring at a laptop or a phone tends tend to cause a lot of strain to our eyes. Studies show that blue light glasses relieve eye discomfort by avoiding computer vision syndrome and can also allow you to sleep better. The high energy frequency in blue light delays the production of melatonin, so using these glasses later at night allow you to fall asleep quicker. Not only this, but they are so cute and can spice up an outfit. There are so many different websites that offer a wide variety at low prices. If you have a prescription for glasses and still want to get blue-light, not to worry! I have prescription glasses from Warby Parker that have built-in blue light in the lenses. They help tremendously after a long day of studying or being on Zoom.

Amazon - $5

Warby Parker Prescription glasses - $50

Puffer Coats

When I lived on the west coast, all I could think about was how excited I was to move somewhere that snowed for college so that I could wear cozy, warm clothes. Puffer coats were #1 on my list to buy for moving to Boulder. They're so adorable with some skinny jeans, booties, and a beanie. The favorited puffer in my closet since freshman year has been this red, shiny, and fitted puffer coat from Revolve. Believe it or not, it is actually still for sale on several websites because of its popularity. My personal favorite when it comes to puffer coats is when it has the thumb holes. It adds a little extra warmth when I need to dust the snow off my car or walk out in the cold to class. Although pricy, I can attest that this jacket is such amazing quality. I just knew that this coat was going to last me a lifetime.

SAM. - $350

If you don't want to splurge on a bright coat that you may not wear all of the time, not to worry! I have found dupes for the coat on some websites that are just as adorable.

PLT - $60

Saks Off Fifth - $50


Where I live, the ground can tend to get muddy and wet after a snow day so I always love to have a pair of black or brown booties on-deck so that I can run out the door for class or errands. Booties are so perfect for when it starts to get cold in the fall. If you live in a snowy place, it is great to have a pair that won't stain and can be wiped off easily. I have a shiny pair from Michael Kors that are durable and can be cleaned off easily. They can be dressed up to go to a nice dinner with jeans and a leather jacket or they can be dressed down for class with leggings and a sweater. The silver hardware and lace-up component adds a nod to the current street wear trends, which is a look that I personally love.

Michael Kors - $149 (25% off)

Benefits of blue light glasses:

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